To make your learning experience with Learn Muay Chaiya as close as possible to being able to attend classes in person, there are three types of live video classes to choose from. The Learner classes are an open class, available to all subscribers. The Student classes and Private classes are only available to students subscribing to those specific courses.

Online class timings and duration

All classes are between 60-90 minutes long. Students book four lessons each month (one per week) . More information and class timings are available once registered to Learn Muay Chaiya

Live training

Train with Kru Nathin in Zoom video classes

Regular commitment

Showing up and training regularly in a group will support your own practice, increase fitness and enhance your progression

Consistent fundamentals

Correct technique and execution of the basic moves is of paramount importance. Teaching and demonstration of these moves form the backbone of every class. Plus a little more!


Learn and practice, live.

Take your place in a live class and join Kru Nathan as he takes the group live through a series of exercises and techniques, including combinations, drills and just like classes taught by Kru Lek in Baan Chang Thai.

This is a weekly open class (4 x a month), meaning anyone can join, at any level. This is an excellent way to try the style or even just to join a group where you can improve your stamina, strength, coordination and balance.

Classes are taught at (time UTC) and run for a duration of 90 minutes.

Students are able to book one class per week (four classes per month) as part of their subscription.


Course classes

Student Classes are available for all students with a monthly Student course subscription to Learn Muay Chaiya. Each class is limited to 10 attendees to ensure Kru Nathan can offer sufficient support and feedback to all students.

Get more in depth training and insights in structured classes including the Muay Chaiya basic exercises, combinations, drills, look mai and more advanced Muay Chaiya strategy and theory.

Students are able to book one class per week ( 4 x classes a month) as part of their subscription.

Personal Zoom Classes

Class size limited to 15 students


Get personal weekly feedback live, during the class


Ask your questions during the Q&A section of the lesson

Tailored Zoom classes

Your own private lesson will be bespoke to your specific need in your Muay Chaiya learning


The lesson is yours. Need to repeat? No problem. Want to accelerate your learning? There’s a lot to do but this could be your fastest route.


With just one student to coach in the lesson, Kru Nathan can give more feedback and insights.


Learn one-to-one with Kru Nathan

Private classes with Kru Nathan are the best way to accelerate your learning.

Get instant feedback, instruction and advice about your training and technique. These lessons are precisely tailored to your ability to ensure you get the maximum benefit for your lesson.

Private classes aren’t just for advanced students though. Maybe you love the idea of learning but want to ensure you get the best possible grounding in your foundation moves? Private classes will give you that edge in the perfection of your technique and a quiet confidence to join in with the group classes afterwards if you feel you’d like to start your Muay Chaiya journey that way.

Students are able to book one class per week ( (4 x classes a month) classes per month) as part of their subscription.

Interested in taking your learning further?

The Learn Muay Chayia online courses start from the very basics and progress via private, individual video submission and assessment from Kru Nathan Brown.

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