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Welcome to LearnMuayChaiya.com, a great place to learn Muay Thai Chaiya, Thailand’s top style of Thai Boxing, wherever you are.

A traditional martial art, and one of the precursors to modern ring Muay Thai, Muay Chaiya was developed by real fighters for use outside of the ring. Although it follows many traditions, the style is based on practical techniques, which differ greatly from most other fighting styles.

Appropriate for all, Muay Chaiya is a great for fitness, self defense and fighting. It focuses on body mechanics, strong structure, speed and clever tactics and strategy from the ground up, and focuses on efficiency of movement and simple mechanics to generate power.

Learn from Kru Nathan Brown, who has taught Muay Chaiya in Thailand and around the world with almost 20 years experience in the style.

Interested in taking your learning further?

Learn Muay Chaiya online courses start from the fundamentals, progressing via private,
individual video assessment from Kru Nathan


The Learn Muay Chaiya syllabus closely follows the traditional progression of the style, focusing on a strong base, and provide them the confidence to take their training in whichever direction the please.

Taught through text, images and video, the lessons follow a progression that build up skills and technique in a logical and manner, ensuring that the fundamentals of the style are correct, and then adding more involved and complex techniques when the student is ready.

Live Video Classes

Live video classes offer the chance for students to partake in a more traditional class setting, and gain direct insight from a teacher.

Classes are offered in a range of formats, from large group classes, so you don’t have to train alone, to private individual classes for those more serious in their training.

Discover more about the style of Muay Chaiya and the opportunities for learning this traditional Thai martial art.

  • Classes are taught in English
  • Taught using Thai terminology and technique names
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Receive personal feedback

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