The Learn Muay Chaiya learning materials have been developed to provide students with a learning experience as close as possible to the direct teaching Kru Nathan received and delivered during his time at Baan Chang Thai in Bangkok where he learned and taught the art for over a decade. The primary reason for this is to ensure the style stays as pure as possible to the learning lineage of Paw Tan Maa and Ajarn Keyt Syriapai, directly passed down through the teachings of Kru Lek. You will find more about this lineage and the reasons for its preservation in the learning materials.

Although we refer to ‘Courses’, the syllabus is in fact a linear progression with a simple monthly sign-up to access the online learning materials consisting of video lessons with verbal instruction and explanation, accompanied by thorough written instruction and tips. Very importantly, the written notes include helpful ‘don’t do this’ instruction to help you avoid common pitfalls when practicing alone.

The syllabus is broken down into the various course sections of Fundamental, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Progression through these levels is via a submission of a video assessment and some written materials, set within the course materials. Submission of an assessment does not guarantee entry to the next level, this only happens when the student demonstrates proficiency in the technique and execution necessary at that level. We did say this experience is as close as possible to live learning! There is plenty of guidance on assessment within the course materials.

In addition to the online course materials, students are encouraged to participate in a weekly online class (four classes each month). This will give live, direct demonstration and feedback in real time. Class sizes are limited depending on the subscription type to ensure adequate attention and feedback to each student.

Progression through the Learn Muay Chaiya courses


When you subscribe to the Learn Muay Chaiya course materials, this is where you will access your learning. All the fundamental moves are taught from the ground up, no previous experience is required. If you have studied another martial art this level is still valuable to you, as you will find your technique will need adjusting. The fundamentals aren’t difficult, but it is essential to get them right.


Once you have worked through the Fundamental materials and successfully completed your assessment, you will be feeling stronger and finding that you need to think less about executing the basics. Gaining access to the Beginner materials, you will really start to develop an insight into the art as the character of Muay Chaiya begins to reveal itself to you through your body movement and of course the lessons!


The intermediate level will take your skills to a higher level, learning new ways to use previous techniques in addition to more complex techniques and strategies for training and fighting.

Learn how to build on your current knowledge and integrate these new ideas, learning materials, techniques, combinations, drills and challenges to give you all you need to progress to the next level.


A higher level of the art – with extremely challenging techniques and training which will enable you to become a truly effective fighter.

Everyone’s question about progression, answered!

One question Kru Nathan hears all the time is, “How can I go faster?”

The answer is simple. No matter what your ability, fitness or level of learning, the answer is always the same.
Practice more.

The answer will never change.

More questions?

Register with Learn Muay Chaiya and find out how you can find out more about an ancient fighting style that is still alive and relevant today.

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