Rules, Guidelines and Disclaimer

Rules and Guidelines

These rules/guidelines are in place to protect yourself as a member of the Learn Muay Chaiya (LMC) service and community, we expect all using the site to adhere to these principles. Failure to do so may mean the removal of part or all of the services provided, even with no refund of outstanding payment.

  1. Respect other members and admin of LMC
  2. Do not try to disrupt, circumvent or misuse the established systems in place
  3. Do not share or redistribute the materials or teachings of LMC, Baan Chang Thai or Kru Nathan without express permission from Kru Nathan.
  4. Do not teach what you have learned without permission, or misrepresent your qualifications regarding the teachings here or Muay Chaiya


LMC, Kru Nathan and other members and teachers of the service are NOT MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS and so any advice received should be used at your own discretion and after consulting of medical professionals if necessary. LMC will not be held liable for any injuries or ill health that you sustain whilst practicing the techniques taught, whether in the provided learning materials, posts, comments within the extended community and in live classes (online or real).

Understanding of training, learning and progression through the LMC service

Muay Chaiya is not an easy marital art to learn, and the techniques (especially the basic ones) take time to learn, practice and master. With this in mind, any progression between the levels of training, and the materials provided for training are completely at the discretion of Kru Nathan and other authorised teachers.

Assessments do not equal instant progression through the materials/levels/courses of the LMC service, and are meant as a means to get constructive feedback for your training, which may result in your progression. This is for everyone’s benefit, but most importantly maintains the high standards of the style to ensure that students can be confident of their ability in defending themselves.

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