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New Training Timer App!

I’ve been hard at work to create something unique for us all to use to help train at home…

I’ve found some good countdown apps over the years, but never anything really suited what I needed for my solo (and group) Muay Chaiya training sessions.

I’ve always wanted something were I can choose the length of the exercises, the combos and drills I want to practice and then let it run and it to tell me what’s next on the list… so I’ve made it.

Muay Chaiya Training Timer

There’s loads of features, many of which I wanted for myself and some to make sure it’ll work ok for you to. You can use it on you laptop, tablet and phone.

There’s audio cues (currently not on IOS devices I’m afraid!) for start and end of timers and for the exercises, there’s full audio cues, so you know what exercise is next! (super useful when you’re getting tired)

Free and Full version (for subscribers)

Because I want you all to at least do the exercises (really that was my first/main goal for the app) I’ve made sure that everyone can use it for training the exercises. If you’re subscribed for classes, you get the full list of combos and drills to give you the full training experience!

Check it out now

There’s more details on what you can do with the app and links for you to check it out yourself.

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