New Open Muay Chaiya Assessments - get feedback

New Open Assessments

It’s important to get feedback on your training as much as possible – live classes are great for this – but if you’d like some more personal attention, the Assessments provide the chance for specific feedback on your training – and gives me a chance to help you make sure that you’re doing things right.

Up to now, there’s only been the guided assessments available – these give examples of what’s needed in an assessment, but are tailored more secifically if you want to progress to the next level of training.

If you just want your questions answered, or you have specific techniques or training you’d like feedback on, then the new Open Assessments are for you. These give you the ability to submit free form assessment videos, so that I can address any issues you have with your training. Ask what you like, show me the techniques you’re training and I’ll give you the answers and feedback I can.

Check out the options available to you in the Assessments section of the site!

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